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Everything’s Better with Soup and Salad: Part Two, Read On to Win My Newest Book

My most popular book to date, Everything’s Better with Soup and Salad, now has a part two, and it’s coming out this month! Officially, it’ll be released on September 17th. But you could win a free copy of it as early as Friday, September 7th. That’s this Friday! This book has new favorites like Sweet […]

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Homemade, Gluten-Free Parmesan and Thyme Croutons

Winter is here and thus, one of my favorite seasons, soup and salad season! Let’s be honest, in my house, soup and salad season is every season. But, to be fair, January is National Soup Month, so let’s eat soup! I created these croutons over the weekend when I made my Chopped French Onion Soup. Try […]

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Healthy Travel Tips: Tip Two

Have a salad each day for a meal. I know, soup and salad is my favorite so it’s easy for me to say that. But salads are really tasty and so healthful for you! To round out your meal, order a side of chicken wings or fruit. Want more reasons why salads are the best […]

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Book Number Two Equals More Recipes For You!

Here it is, my second book! Everything’s Better With Soup and Salad is so perfect for this Spring season. I have always loved soup and salad for meals and this collection is too good. It’s also gluten free, full of vegetables, and full of flavor. Everyone needs more vegetables in their lives and these recipes are […]

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