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Gram’s Oil Blend

If my Gram were still here and she loved an oil blend, this would be it. She is the inspiration behind this blend and I’ve blogged about her original recipe before. See it HERE. To make an essential oil blend that mimics this recipe, try this! Gram’s Oil Blend 10  drops grapefruit 10 drops lemon […]

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Scripture Sunday, The Life I Live

Scripture Sunday: Worry Less

Philippians 4:6 says not to worry, but instead to go to Him with everything. I love this. It’s reassuring and calming, like so much of the Word. The thing is, worry is a part of everyday life. And while I am not one to worry, I know people that are. And this is where Jesus […]

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Essential Oils: Focus Blend

What do you do to help you focus? As a freelance writer, I have to stay on task  when I work. So, I have lots of tips and tricks I’ve developed along the way. Taking several quick, short walks throughout the day is amazing for focus. I do this often. I also like to stand while […]

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