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Fall Hike Blend

I love the Fall and I am experiencing it right now! From a girl who spent the last 3+ years in south Florida, this cool weather is the best! Outside it’s foggy, chilly, and we just got back from a hike. And inside, I have a fan in the window, blowing in the fresh air […]

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Pumpkin Pie Protein Shake

It’s Fall, right? Are you sick of pumpkin yet? Let’s hope not. This pumpkin protein shake is a healthy, delicious start to the day and if you’re anything like Nick, you’ll want it all the time. Pumpkin Pie Shake 1 cup fresh pumpkin 1 cup water 1 tablespoon chia seeds 1 scoop protein powder 1/2 […]

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Pumpkin Pie-Spiced Pumpkin Seeds

Nick loves pumpkin everything. So, pumpkin everything it is! Have you ever baked pumpkin pie pumpkins at home before? The effort is well worth it and my blog How to Make Pumpkin at Home for All Your Fall Favorites (Starting with Pumpkin Seeds) will get your pumpkin roasted and your pumpkin seeds toasted. Now for the […]

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Fall Is Full Of Flavor, Fashion and Fun

As an October baby and WI native who loves to hike, Fall weather is the best weather. Popular seasonal foods and sports return to start this season. Fall has great weather, fashion and more to boast about. Top Fall Flavors Pumpkin is undoubtedly the preferred flavor of the Fall. Once Labor Day passes, pumpkins are everywhere. Pumpkin […]

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