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You Are Going To Love This Veggie Pasta

Wait! This is NOT veggies, spiraled, claiming to be pasta.  There IS pasta in this dish. And..there are veggies that are spiraled and sliced, too. The thing is… I.love.pasta. I love all the things you can add to pasta. Protein and sauce and cheese, oh my! It takes me right back to my Midwestern roots. […]

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Balsamic-Glazed Pork Chops with Shallots

I’ve never liked Balsamic vinegar but had to prepare a similar recipe for work. And I loved it! So, I decided to make my own. My version still has balsamic but I subbed coconut sugar for regular and paired it with shallots instead of onions. This semi-sweet sauce compliments the garlic and onion flavors in […]

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Crock pot BBQ Chicken Tostadas

For a taste of summer and an easy crock pot dinner, you have got to try these BBQ Chicken Tostadas! This recipe is so yummy and once you get the ingredients in, it cooks itself. Enjoying BBQ chicken on tostadas puts a fun, new twist on these “tacos.” Enjoy! BBQ Chicken Tostadas 2 chicken breasts […]

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