Good Skin Essential Oil Blend

I use oils all the time, so it’s no surprise I have one that’s overall amazing for my skin. This blend works for next to anything and it’s great.

Use it for bruises, scratches, bumps, rashes, and anything that ails the skin. It also doubles as a moisturizer.  I keep this mixture on hand and it’s the same blend I use in my baths.

Good Skin Blend

  • Copaiba 10 dropsIMG_20171012_091506
  • Lavender 10 drops
  • Tea Tree 10 drops
  • Frankincense 5 drops
  • Peppermint 2 drops
  • carrier oil

Combine the oils in a 15ml bottle (I just reuse the ones I have) and add carrier oil to the top.

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Emily Rokke

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